The Technology Assisted Practice Application Suite (TAPAS) is a model to assist primary care physicians use technology in a targeted manner in their practices. It is an open source (GPL 2.0) collection of tools

TAPAS will assist physician groups explore and adopt a targeted clinical information system as part of a change management program.  TAPAS is not meant to be a full EMR.  Rather, TAPAS is a targeted clinical information system for primary care that will be used to support the focused application of IT in clinical practice for a subset of care that is relevant to a particular physician group.  For example, while sharing care through a call group, an individual TAPAS group may choose to improve maternity care, diabetes, or the appropriate sharing and access by MDs to core medical summary data for high acuity patients while on call.

The modular design will allow groups of physicians to chose a module (or modules) to adopt to apply technology in their practice to a subgroup of patients.

The physician group that is helping in the development is the North Shore Mobile Health Network. The goal of the first iteration is to build a medical summary that is syncable to the Palm PDA to help MDs while they are on call, sharing care for high acuity hospital-based patients.

Please feel free to step inside our project and get involved. There is a lot of room for feedback, discussion as well as assisting us with coding the application! - the place to start is on our wiki.